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This is the Canadian Moneris eSELECTplus payment method for Magento Commerce, supporting Hosted Payment Page with optional INTERAC Online support.


Intended for Moneris Canada. You need a eSELECTplus Canada subscription.

How It Works

Virtual Terminal and e-Payment Systems. eSELECTplus is an easy-to-use, multi-functional application that leverages a PC and web browser to process card payments. Getting started with eSELECTplus is quick and easy, and there's no software to install. eSELECTplus is so versatile that it can be used throughout your organization to increase efficiencies and save money.


  • standard Hosted Payment Page integration
  • includes INTERAC Online support
  • supports Credit Cards, INTERAC and Gift Cards, etc. (all methods supports)
  • transfer line item details (optional)
  • transfer shipping and billing details (optional)
  • transaction verification (optional) 
  • keep cart on cancel, customer can re-try
  • creates invoice (optional)
  • send optional order and invoice emails
  • updates orders status online and offline

Moneris eSELECTplus offers a Hosted Payment and Direct Post method.

Login to the Merchant Resource Centre

Login to the test environment with StoreID store1UserName DemoUser and Password password.

Configure the Hosted Payment Page

Once you have successfully logged in, click on the “ADMIN” menu item on the left and then in the submenu that appears click on “HOSTED CONFIG”. In the production environment, an individual must be granted permission to access and alter the configuration. User permissions may be updated by navigating to “ADMIN” and then selecting ”MODIFY USER” from the submenu. Once you have found the user to be updated, click on “Set Permissions” and update their Administrative Permissions.

To create a new Hosted Paypage configuration click on “Generate a New Configuration”. You will be assigned a Hosted Paypage ID (ps_store_id) this is the identifier for this unique configuration. You will also be assigned a Hosted Paypage Token (hpp_key). The Hosted Paypage ID and Token are sent as part of the transaction request to securely identify your store and the specific configuration.

  • Remember your ps_store_id and hpp_key. You need to enter these in Magento later.
  • Set the Transaction Type to Purchase
  • Set the Response Method to Sent to your server as a POST
  • Set the Approved URL to the Magento page ending in /eselectplus/hosted/approved
  • Set the Declined URL to the Magento page ending in /eselectplus/hosted/declined

Configure the Hosted Payment Page Verification

You must configure the verification system as well:

  • Enter the Referring URL, namely the URL to your Magento site ending in /eselectplus/hosted/placement
  • Enable Transaction Verification
  • Choose Response Method and set it to Displayed as XML on our server

Configure the Hosted Payment Page for INTERAC ONLINE

If you are planning to use the INTERAC ONLINE feature, make sure to configure that page.

This configuration is similar to the normal configuration with some exceptions.

  • Select your Payment Methods and include INTERAC Online
  • Enter the Response Method and set it to Sent to your server as a POST
  • Enter you Approved URL and set it to your Magento site ending in /eselectplus/hosted/approved
  • Enter you Declined URL and set it to your Magento site ending in /eselectplus/hosted/declined

Email variables

In order to use INTERACT ONLINE, you must show variables in your order and/or invoice email. It requires a change to the email body. For example by editing System > Transaction Emails, add/edit the new order template, and add the following variables where you wish to show the information:

{{var order.getPayment().getAdditionalInformation('issname')}}
{{var order.getPayment().getAdditionalInformation('invoice')}}
{{var order.getPayment().getAdditionalInformation('issconf')}}

For example just below:
{{var payment_html}}

Configuration - Magento Commerce

Payment Method: Moneris eSELELECTplus Hosted Payment Page

If this is your payment method of choice, go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods > Moneris eSELECTplus Hosted Payment Page

  • Enter your PS Store ID and HPP Key you acquired from the Moneris configuration dashboard in the previous step.
  • If you wish to use Transaction verification, make sure to enable this feature in Moneris as well (see previous steps).
  • Optionally Transfer Line Item Details
  • Optionally Transfer Billing Details
  • Optionally Transfer Shipping Details

Payment Method: Moneris eSELECTplus Directpost 

You can enable this method via System > Configuration > Payment Methods > Moneris eSELECTplus Directpost

  • Enter your PS Store ID and HPP Key you acquired from the Moneris configuration dashboard in the previous step.
  • Enter your store id
  • Enter your API Token (you must create an API user in your eSELECTplus dashboard via Admin > Store Settings)
  • If you wish to enable Transaction Verification, then make sure to enable this feature in the eSELECTplus admin as well
  • Select your Payment Action, this must match what you setup in eSELECTplus
  • Choose your Allowed Cards
  • Enable or disable Use 3D Secure
  • Optionally Transfer Line Item Details
  • Optionally Transfer Billing Details
  • Optionally Transfer Shipping Details
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