eKashu Payment Page (CreditCall) for Magento 2.x eKashu Appmerce

eKashu Payment Page (CreditCall) for Magento 2.x

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CreditCall's eKashu hosted payment method for Magento Commerce. Supports credit and debit card payments with instant payment notification.


Community & Enterprise 2.0 - 2.3 (Looking for 1.x?)


You need a CreditCall eKashu subscription.

How It Works

eKashu is a simple, configurable, checkout page that can be called from any website seeking to offer visitors the facility to pay for goods or services by credit and debit card. It is designed for merchants who use shopping carts, have little experience in server side scripting, or who use shared web servers that do not offer database services.

ekashu's hash code feature adds extra security to verify messages. By default the hash code functionality is not enabled. In order to improve security it is highly recommended that a hash key is requested from eKashu Support. Once the hash key as been assigned ekashu_hash_code will have to be populated.


  • submit card and delivery address (pre-fill eKashu forms) (optional)
  • submit full product list (optional)
  • supports Hash Code usage (optional, apply first with eKashu Support)
  • supports auto-confirm (optional)
  • set default eKashu payment methods
  • updates order status using automated callbacks (failure, success)
  • stores payment information as order history notes in Magento
  • supports all security measures, 3D-Secure, Address Verification System (AVS)
  • custom eKashu checkout page, custom stylesheet, custom favicon, custom titles (optional)
  • can create Magento invoice automatically
  • can send Magento order email
  • no empty cart after cancel, client can try again
  • allows multiple accounts, different accounts per store