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MultiSafepay Connect for Magento 1.x

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The MultiSafepay Connect payment method for Magento. Supports all payment methods, iDEAL, Credit Cards, etc., separately.


Community Edition - (Looking for 2.x?)


You need a MultiSafepay Connect subscription.

How It Works

Each payment method appears as a separate option in the Magento checkout. Customers can choose the desired method. After placing an order the customer is redirected to the payment page. Upon succesful payment the customer is returned to the succes page. A background process updates the order status in Magento.


  • supports each payment method separately: iDEAL, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Direct Ebanking, Giropay and more
  • close window after payment / auto-redirect
  • choose each payment method separately in the checkout
  • choose custom order statuses
  • set Days Active, the number of days to keep the payment link active
  • creates invoices
  • no empty cart after cancel, client can try again
  • allows multiple accounts, different accounts per store
  • allows different payment profile per store